• #GameDev : 
    A Happy Hobby...

    Can become the first steps to your future career path, or the foundation for your own business, starting from an early age. Or it can simply remain a Happy Hobby as you wish!
    Join our #GameDev Hub for Children & Teens
  • How Technology Works

    We get under "the hood" of the technology together.

    Learn how powerful your hardware really is, and apply the magic to your work for 10x more incredible gaming experiences
  • Creative Arts

    Designing visually appealing and informational experiences, is a highly sought-after skillset in modern life today. 

    Kids are natural born designers. We simply help them grow their personal toolboxes and abilities to the next level, in FUN ways.

    Let's Get Creative
  • Positive emotions dominate musical experiences. 

    Music has the ability to evoke powerful emotional responses such as chills and thrills. 
    Pleasurable music may lead to the release of neurotransmitters associated with reward, such as dopamine. Listening to music is an easy way to alter mood or relieve stress.

    Co-create music with your new GameHub friends, and grow your understanding of how your music can make peoples emotional lifes so much better, not just through gaming.
    Come feel the flow with us
  • Making Math Fun! 
    (psst... your game runs on it btw)

    Want to develop games? Algebra, TrigonometryCalculus, Number Bases and Linear Algebra are some of the "code names" your school likes to use (to mystify things??). We sometimes call it coding, sometimes graphics design or something else, and will put the most powerful game development tools in your hands, while we discover the real magic of math together. 

    Did you find math a mystery before? Let's put and end to it and make you comfortable and get you to the feeling of competence in very short time!
    Putting 2+2 Together
  • Inclusion & Cooperation

    Neurotypical, non-neurotypical, different, lost, 
    looking for somewhere to belong?

    You will love being with us, we cannot wait for you to show up on day 1!

    We take pride in our values and ability to make you feel welcome, included and see you become part of us. Sounds too good to be true? 
    Why not come and meet us first, and then tell us if you now believe us!
    We Trust You

Find Us Here

Let us know where you hope to find an in-person #GameDev Hub in the form below. Then check your mailbox for an email from the @educatefor.life domain. 
We will write to you where we are currently ready to work with your young family member. 
We are just launching in 2022 and have few only in each continent as we get started. If you cannot find us near your own location, we will add your country (and city if you provide the info) to our list of next places for us to go set-up "camp".


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About Us

As per September, 2022, This #GameDev Hub is in process of becoming a Public Information Association (PIA) (Folkeoplysende Forening), registered in the municipality of Copenhagen, Denmark. The PIA's are governed by specific regulation in the Danish Law to be observed while the structures, budgets, management and other aspects of the association is reviewed by the authorities on an ongoing basis. 

A registered PIA in Denmark must be open to join for anyone who supports the purpose and goals of the particular association. The activities of the association are created and delivered by and for the members of the association, as volunteering involvement is a key part of the associations foundation. The activities also involve various experts and other external non-members who join certain activities to support the members in accomplishing their own goals related to their membership.

#GameDev Hub is anticipated to be fully operational with all scheduled activities in action by 1.January 2023. Preparational activities will take place prior to the launch date.

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How to Become a Member

You are very welcome to first visit us for a personal introduction (in Copenhagen,Denmark). When you are ready to register as a member, you will complete the online registration and the payment of the membership fee. An Online-Only Membership is also an option if you do not live near a physical #GameDev Hub. 

The membership registration process begins right here either way:

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How to Get Involved as a Professional Resources or Partner in a #GameDev Hub

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A Few Resources on Mental Wellbeing

Gaming offers positive impact on our mental health 
Managing Problematic & Excessive Gaming