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Live, online talk on topics such as high-impact technologies in Education, future of curriculum, new paradigms in education, micro-credentialing, decentralised faculty, the role of schools in society in the 21st century, how to solve the global educational challenges or REQUEST a topic and questions of your choice. We bring in the best thought leaders to address the topic of each EducateforLifeTalk.

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+ 15-30 mins Q&A

Delivered through live, online video.


#SignalsFromTheFuture is an "Awakening" keynote, that offers thought provoking insights and perspectives from a future, that is already here (but maybe not yet in your school district). The keynote is delivered through a live online video session or in-person at your institution.

The keynote can be followed by a highly interactive, co-creating workshop (1-3 hours), where participants invited by you, are looking at the provided peak at the future, which is a very sobering experience as well as hugely inspiring and empowering. 

45 mins live talk 
+ 15-30 mins Q&A

Delivered through live, online video.


The #EducateforLifeSprint is a special transformative experience for the teams you register to join. Over 5 OR 12 weeks, your team(s) go through a facilitated process with a certified coach, where you explore the Signals from the Future, you do your own research on how trends and technologies can be the next wave for you to ride on (or how they may know you off your surf board), you go through ideation by using a methodology that helps you to look 10+ years out but where you can actualise value in the next 6 months already. You pitch to a panel of disruptors after week 5 and then you can choose to continue to refine and build an actual pitch for funding and acceleration in the second part of the Sprint.

5 Weeks or 12 Weeks.
​8-12 hours/week.

Collaboration with coach through video


Get mentored and coached to create your own institutional roadmap for keeping one "leg" in the future, while you deliver your current programs on "the other leg".

We will help you combine the #EducateforLifeTalks, the #SignalsFromTheFuture workshop and the #EducateforLifeSprint with the powers of being part of a global, virtual community that is all about designing and implementing new paradigms for desirable futures of Education.

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Taking action is the only way forward. If you are not sure about what to expect or what you want to accomplish yet, we recommend joining some of the #EducateforLifeTalks, to get insights and inspiration with very little effort, time or budget needed from your side.

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How are you adapting to these 4 trends in Education?

World Economic Forum, Feb 2022:

Since the onset of the recent pandemic, schools and universities have been forced to put a lot of their teaching online. On the surface, this seems to have spurred a series of innovations in the education sector. Colleges around the world embraced more flexibility, offering both virtual and physical classrooms. Coding is making its way into more school curricula, and the SAT exam for college admission in the US has recently been shortened and digitized, making it easier to take and less stressful for students.

These changes might give the illusion that education is undergoing some much-needed reform. However, if we look closely, these measures do not address the real problems facing higher education. In most countries, higher education is inaccessible to the socio-economically underprivileged, certifies knowledge rather than nurtures learning, and focuses on easily-outdated knowledge. In brief, it is failing on both counts of quality and access.

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Learning from Everywhere

Hybrid learning does not just mean combining a virtual and physical classroom, but allowing for truly immersive and experiential learning, enabling students to apply concepts learned in the classroom out in the real world.

Teaching skills that remain relevant in a changing world

According to a recent survey, 96% of Chief Academic Officers at universities think they are doing a good job preparing young people for the workforce. Less than half (41%) of college students and only 11% of business leaders shared that view. 

Replacing lectures with active learning

with digital information being ubiquitous and free, it seems ludicrous to pay thousands of dollars to listen to someone giving you information you can find elsewhere at a much cheaper price. School and college closures have shed light on this as bad lectures made their way into parents’ living rooms, demonstrating their ineffectiveness.

Using formative assessment instead of high-stake exams

Formative assessment, which entails both formal and informal evaluations through the learning journey, encourages students to actually improve their performance rather than just have it evaluated. The documentation and recording of this assessment includes a range of measures, replacing alphabetical or numerical grades that are uni-dimensional.

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