Write a Letter Exercise

Everyone has a "thing" In the billions of jobs-to-be-done that are out there waiting to be found or created 

-  Are you ready to discover yours?

You don't have to wait to start forming your path to a meaningful career until you are forced to decide what to do with your life 

This process can start while in early education and continue with you as you navigate the needs of the world as well as your own traits and genuine interests

Every Job-to-be-done out there is an objective that you or someone else is seeking to accomplish. 

The more important the objective, the greater the opportunity for us to serve, which is what work really is. 

Our Hypothesis: 

Each job-to-be-done out there can act as a portal for anyone to gather just enough information to know if there is a path in life for them in there.


Keynote Abstract

I am Lars Lin and I spent the past 15 years studying the paradox of options in life. 

Options in Education, Options in Careers, Options for how we should build and run a business -and also options for parenting. 

Today, we have more options than ever before, but most of the options we decide for still come from an industrial age mindset and our culturally accepted norms. 

Our consciousness is programmed for old paradigms and it needs a reality check. The path in life for most of us, not least our children, will look very different from what a life, a career or a successful organization used to look like. 

So why do we keep programming our kids with an old software? 

Our perception of self starts to form from a very young age. 

The call to action is for us all to support and empower a collective mindset that encourages our children to pursue unusual and unique paths early in life. 

You are invited to Join me at the Festival of Consciousness, where we begin our shift to #MakingMindsMatter

Keywords: Consciousness; Paradox in life options, Paradigm Shifts; Unique and Uncommon Paths in life

What if Exercise

Think of a dream role and Write a Letter as that future self to your younger self about

- What you accomplished and learned in this particular role

-What could you do now to get started

Submit Your Letter

Making minds matter. The next paradigm in education

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