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"A Sprint is the limited time you allow yourself to solve a problem or test a new solution"

Signals from the future

Discover what is coming from the future, and start experimenting with new strategies to best adapt and thrive. Do not get caught by surprise when humans starts to choose personalised alternatives to traditional education. Be a better option! Explore how.

Make your teams and leaders more aware

Shift your mindset

Bring your team and leadership through a sprint process, that helps you all understand where your organization must start to change, why? and what the urgency is.

The sprint process

Design for positive impact

Explore through systematic experimentation, facilitated by certified exponential coaches, how your organization best position yourself in the intersection of ethics, positive human impact, business model innovation, exponential technologies and, of course, human needs. Work with the market around you throughout the Sprint. 

Ideate & test your new initiatives

Create your roadmap

Leave with a roadmap, from where you are today to where you need to be 1,2,10 and 20 years from now.

Align the roadmap with your leadership and begin implementing before this Sprint comes to an end.

Proven frameworks to go from discussion to 'doing'

​The Sprint Process Overview

  • Register your interest. Download introduction package for your teams & leadership to review.
  • Request a scoping call with an onboarding coach. Make sure you know what you want to accomplish in the sprint.
  • Complete registration and process participation fee. Full refund available up to 14 days into the Sprint.
  • Set your team. Invite your team members and/or supplement with external team members, from your partners or from Educatefor.Life
  • Live, online Awakening workshop. Can also be delivered on-premise at your location instead (and as hybrid option supplementing the virtual Awakening event).
  • Alignment Workshop (pre-recorded): how the Sprint process works, interactive exercises you complete with your team and submit to EducateforLife for review.
  • 4 Sprint weeks: DEFINE phase to ideate, define new initiatives and run first rounds of experiments. Select most promising initiatives to pitch for disruptive feedback.
  • Disrupt Workshop: Panel of specially invited disruptors, mixed for diverse, multi-perspective disruptive feedback receives your pitch of each of your selected initiatives.
  • 4 Sprint weeks: REFINE phase to work the disruptive feedback into your initiatives, make selection decisions, refine your surviving initiatives, run more experiments to validate the desirable impact of them, select final initiatives,prepare pitches.
  • Launch Workshop: Pitch the final version of each of your surviving initiatives to a panel of thought leaders, who will be recommending improvement points. A group of observers can choose to mentor and/or sponsor your initiatives after the Sprint.
  • Optional: Apply to accelerate your initiative with Educatefor.Life, to access families, schools and higher-ed institutions.
  • Good luck implementing your new roadmap and delivering your positive impact!

Preparation Phase

Explore here what the EducateforLife Sprint has to offer you and your business, school, institution or community. Make sure to register your interest early, so we can help you assess if this Sprint is the right thing for you to engage in. Registration of interest cost nothing, but we see this Sprint process making big impact for every kind of group. 

Register your interest and then schedule a scoping call with our onboarding coach, before you finalise the registration process.

Awakening, Alignment and the DEFINE phase

The first half of the Sprint may be all you want. You can choose to complete the first half of the Sprint only.

That gives you internal the Awakening experience of receiving Signals from the Future, alignment around the Sprint process, and the first 4-week phase of the EducateforLife Sprint. You get to participate in the Disrupt Workshop, where you pitch to a panel of disruptors, who are there to help you "pull apart" your current thoughts on your future, but also helping you putting it back together for better access to abundance and more positive, human impact.

REFINE phase and building your roadmap to the future. Present at the Launch Workshop.

Based on the feedback from the panel of disruptors, and from your team coach, you now make your STOP or GO decision. We hope you are high on energy and more motivated than ever at this point to keep going. From this point onwards, you begin to see the mindset change this Sprint has to offer the participants, but also much more exponentially and abundance in the initiatives that survived the Disrupt workshop.

You get to work out the roadmap into the future, which we ask you to have your leadership involved in reviewing. Present at the closing Launch Workshop.

Accelerate in the EducateforLife community

Every successful organization, NGO, business or educational institution, has a thriving community. That is what makes them successful. You either have such a community already, you build your roadmap to create one, or you can grow inside of the EducateforLife community while you accelerate. This step is optional, but subject to acceptance into the EducateforLife Acceleration Program, based on your Sprint completion and your presentation at the Launch Workshop.

​Register my interest

Help your team, your organization -and yourself, get to a full understanding of what you can accomplish through the Educatefor.Life Sprint before you sign up.

First, register your interest (non-binding, you pay nothing, simply let us know you are interested).

Next, you will be invited to schedule a call with us to discuss what the goals, objectives and scope can be for you.

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2020 Sprint
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2020 Sprint
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Event Videos

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