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We have been working with 4,000+ Sprint participants since 2018, 
including parents, entrepreneurs, representatives of schools, universities, businesses and governments. Now is Your turn!

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Signals from the future

Discover what is coming from the future, and start experimenting with new strategies to best adapt and thrive. Do not get caught by surprise when humans starts to choose personalised alternatives to traditional education. Be a better option! Explore how.

Make your teams and leaders more aware

Shift your mindset

Bring your team and leadership through a sprint process, that helps you all understand where your organization must start to change, why? and what the urgency is.

The sprint process

Design for positive impact

Explore through systematic experimentation, facilitated by certified exponential coaches, how your organization best position yourself in the intersection of ethics, positive human impact, business model innovation, exponential technologies and, of course, human needs. Work with the market around you throughout the Sprint. 

Ideate & test your new initiatives

Create your roadmap

Leave with a roadmap, from where you are today to where you need to be 1,2,10 and 20 years from now.

Align the roadmap with your leadership and begin implementing before this Sprint comes to an end.

Proven frameworks to go from discussion to 'doing'

​Overview of The 
5-Stage Sprint Process

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  1. Register your interest. Download introduction package for your teams & leadership to review.
  2. Click here to request a scoping call with our onboarding coach. Make sure you know what you want to accomplish in the sprint (goals, objectives, desired impact you wish to make) before the scoping call. You can also participate to help others accomplish their goals!
  3. Finalise your decision to participate, complete the online registration and process your participation fee. Full refund available up until Jan 10th, 2023.
  4. Set your team. Invite your team members and/or supplement with external team members, from your partners or from Educatefor.Life. You can form a new team with our community members if you do not bring a team. This is often where creativity and new ideas blossom at the highest level of diversity (if you are open to it).
  5. Join the live, online Awakening workshops. For teams in Private Sprint Mode, these can also be delivered on-premise at your location instead (and as hybrid option supplementing the virtual Awakening event). This is at additional cost for the requesting party. Request a proposal. This is also the stage where you team participate in our "crowd/swarm research" with other teams in the Open Innovation Sprint.
  6. DEFINE phase to ideate, define new initiatives and run first rounds of experiments. Select most promising initiatives to pitch for disruptive feedback.
  7. Disrupt Workshop: Panel of specially invited disruptors, mixed for diverse, multi-perspective disruptive feedback receives your pitch of each of your selected initiatives.
  8. REFINE phase to work the disruptive feedback into your initiatives, make selection decisions, refine your surviving initiatives, run more experiments to validate the desirable impact of them, select final initiatives,prepare pitches.
  9. Pitch & Launch Workshop: Pitch the final version of each of your surviving initiatives to a panel of thought leaders, decision makers, investors and others, who will be recommending improvement points and next steps for your launch.
  10. Optional: Apply to incubate or accelerate your initiative with Educatefor.Life, to access families, schools and higher-ed institutions.
  11. Good luck implementing your new roadmap and delivering your positive impact!

Preparations Phase

Let's begin exploring what the EducateforLife Sprint has to offer you and your business, school, institution or community. Make sure to register your interest early, so we can help you assess if this Sprint is the right thing for you to engage in. You can opt-out again anytime before Jan 10th, 2023, no questions asked!

You are offered two participation models to choose from:

A. Open Innovation Model: Bring (or form a new) Sprint team in the preparation phase of the Open Innovation Sprint. You get feedback & support from other participating teams, while you are also expected to contribute to the work of the other participating teams. 


B. Private Sprint Mode: If you prefer keeping your work "stealth", or you represent an organization that are not yet prepared to collaborate openly on solving grand challenges together, then the Private Sprint mode is the option for you. You will not have access to the crowdsourced research & ideation from the Open Innovation Sprint Teams, but on the other hand, you will also not be asked to disclose anything about your work, except to your dedicated Coach and the advisors and stakeholders you will invite during the process.

To do now: Register your interest in one of the above participation models and then schedule a scoping call with our onboarding coach, before you have to make your final decision to participate or not.

No cost is involved for you, until you confirm your participation (after your scoping call with us).

Identify and submit challenges, that you see standing in the way of the development or transformation you are trying to go through with your organization. We will review your submitted challenges and form Sprint teams to address these challenges -unless you prefer to solve them on your own.

Discovery Phase

If you are not "shocked and in awe", once you start researching what is happening inside and not least outside of your industry, that affects you, your business/institution and your customers/members/students, then you have not been paying attention!! Never be strategyzing and planning for the future of your organization without understanding the major trending forces in the world, what exponential technologies will be capable of doing in the years to come, and the scaling force of exponential business models. This is the phase where we discover this and much more, together!

Thought leaders who see the future and the new realities of today, help us out, while we co-research in a collective-intelligence "Swarm". All findings are captured and shared between all participating teams in the Open Innovation Sprint.

In the Private Sprint mode, you get to make your discoveries -and you can bring your stakeholders, business partners or students to help you out. That is your way of crowd-sourcing the job of discovering the new realities you must adapt to operate in.

Define Phase

Together, we will begin ideating within various scenarios for the coming years (best case, worst case, probable and desirable scenarios). These are scenarios we craft together. We then design for 1st order and 2nd order (desirable) impact, which leads to numerous initiatives, that may be the solutions to solve the challenge(s) you are working on as a Sprint team.

You get to work out the roadmap into the future you are designing for. 

Disrupt & Refine Phase

Prepare to pitch, to get the ideas out of our heads. Only then, we can begin to disrupt our own way of thinking about what is possible, what will become possible soon, and put our bias, old belief systems and lack of imagination behind us. Together with others, we begin to see new ways forward, we intentionally ask for help to disrupt our current initiatives so we can come back stronger with more exponential impact.

We like to talk about "10x'ing our initiatives", which means we design our way out of traditional scarcity-based business models and begin to accept the ideas of weaving exponential technologies into the foundations of the products/services/programs/businesses we are building during the Sprint.

You will be pitching to a panel of disruptors -and to other Sprint teams. We are all here for you!

With your newly gathered disruptive insights, you and your Sprint team will regroup, and redesign/refine your initiatives for more abundance and a more impactful roadmap.

Pitch & Launch Phase

The Sprint has now come to the "moment of truth", the point where you will be presenting your solutions to invited stakeholders of all sorts. Can be leaders from your own organization, can be anyone with insights needed to make decisions for the implementation of your work in real life. It can be external sponsors and investors or organizations interested in "adopting" you and your Sprint team to actually build the solutions you propose.

Educatefor.Life can also propose an incubation package, with our without seed funding, to teams that present initiatives that are considered a relevant fit for the portfolio of Marketplace solutions under Educatefor.Life.

You are free to bring away your initiatives after the Sprint, without accepting any offers from others.

The Open Innovation Sprint builds fully on openly sharing perspectives and ideas, and that all gathered insights are open sourced, for anyone who wants to build on it.

The Private Sprint is all about supporting you to build your future. Everything you design belongs to you (but of course someone may have beaten you to it and designed something very similar before you did. It's up to you to ensure you are not in conflict with IP or trademarks etc. that belong to others).

​Register my interest in joining as participant

First step is for you to register your interest (non-binding, you pay nothing, simply let us know you are interested).

Next, you will be invited to schedule a call with us to discuss what the goals, objectives and scope can be for you.

Let's get in touch, I am interested

Get hired in a supporting role:

Team Coach

Work as dedicated Coach or part of a group of Coaches that work with the Sprint teams.

Swarm Participant

Helt sprint teams in their research, ideation and other Sprint tasks.


Subject Matter Expert on a topic of relevance to the Sprint. Do you cover exponential technologies, innovation in specific industries or something else, let us know!


Help the Sprint teams disrupt their current thinking about a Problem Space or a Solution Space.

Here is what you are expected to do.

When applying, make sure to update your Educatefor.Life community profile and add the direct link to it when applying for one of the above supporting roles.

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