The Problem

The problem of having people not in education and not in employment, often referred to as NEETs

(Not in Education, Employment, or Training),



is significant in many countries worldwide.


There were an estimated 267 million NEETs globally in 2020, representing 15% of the global youth population aged 15-24. (ref: International Labour Organization (ILO))

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Rethinking the Path To Employment

Traditional Jobs vs Flexible Resourcing

Governments and employers: It's time to assess if the government employment service or your recruitment effort deliver the results needed? 

Is there a pool of unemployable citizens? Are you facing a widening gap between the skills needed in your organization and the skills available in the job market?

Then there is a different path you can try:.

ABC Model
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The Business Case of

Solving Unemployment

Social benefits

Helping people who are not in employment or education to secure a job will have a positive impact on society. It will reduce crime rates, decrease poverty, and improve the overall well-being of the community.

Economic benefits

By reducing unemployment, municipalities can increase their tax base and boost the local economy. Employed people are more likely to spend their income on goods and services, thereby creating a multiplier effect that benefits local businesses.

Human resource development

Investing in the development of unemployed people's employability, self-worth, skills and abilities will grow the pool of talented and qualified individuals who can contribute to the local economy in the long term. 

Political benefits

By demonstrating a commitment to supporting unemployed people, municipalities can improve their reputation and public image. This can help to increase voter support and attract businesses to the area, which can further stimulate economic growth.

About Work Pilots


Customisable SaaS Platform Connecting Young Adults to Work

The A-B-C model of Work Pilots is a different, very effective path to work. Bridging the gap from unemployed to typical expectations to job applicants is very challenging for most.

Instead, start with Any Task, Progress through Better Tasks and land a in roles or jobs that matches you!

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First work experience happens before full job readiness. We give you those early experiences!

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Gradually improving employability through incremental personal and professional growth. Small successes rather than many application failures.

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Sustainable social inclusion leads to income.

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Why choose Work Pilots?

A Few Beneficial Sides
of the Work Pilots Platform

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Perfect for targeted campaigns that must be up and running at limited cost, really fast!

Closing the gap

New Empowering Approach to Get People Into Jobs

Reduce the gap between building readiness and landing a suitable job or career.

Create easy-to-use empowering experiences for any user. "As easy as ordering an Uber".

App configuration

Configure Rather Than Develop Your Solution

A fully customised Work Pilots solution, incl. solution backend and mobile apps (iOS,Android,Web) all prepared in your brand style.

Ready to launch in few days, if not few hours.

White labelled for your impact, custom made for fast & sustainable results!

Cost savings

Cost Effective

Documented results from 20+ municipalities in Finland for a fraction of the cost of developing a government "job center" solution, job training application, online CV platform or employment review service. 

Here you get all of the above included!

Most competitive cost in the market.

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"This is like a mobile jobcenter"

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"Our users feel committed, given the platform is tailored to our own needs and branding"


"This has been extremely easy"


"Eventually, we can easily enable low threshold work to our target groups"


Citizen Users


Completed Orders


Got jobs


Worker Earnings


You too will give "Thumbs Up" when you get your next job!

Lähitapiola Huvudstadsregionen
Vi öppnar dörren för ungdomar till arbetsmarknaden med Lähitapiola Huvudstadsregionen i Finland
Kouvolan Lakritsi & WorkPilots

Decision-makers from the cities of Espoo, Vantaa, Kotka and Tampere share their experiences from cooperating with WorkPilot


Reel of testimonials from jobs offered by businesses through the Work Pilots app.


In Tampere they are using the WorkPilots app for getting gig jobs for the youth. In this short video there are interviews of Jenni Tuoresjärvi and Petri Pekkola from the city of Kotka.

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Learn more and get in touch:

Ways to Engage with Work Pilots


Schedule Call

Pick Your Time

Schedule a 1-on-1

Video Call

You are invited to schedule a one-on-one video meeting, where we discuss your needs and how Work Pilots can assist you through the digital, mobile platform and the ABC-model.

We can do a live online demo during the call too!

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Request Demo

See Demo

Try the App

Trying the solution on a live call is a fast and effective way to see for yourself the user experience both your staff and the job applicants get.

The demo will not carry your own brand, but the real solution will! Request your live demo or watch the pre-recorded demo here!

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Extra material

Flip through these slides from Work Pilots

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