Education has served the world well through the industrial revolution, mass-educating workers for well defined occupations. Today and onwards, we need something different. More personalized and purpose-driven that can co-exist with advanced technologies and focus on solving grand challenges in our world. This is what we design and implement in the Educatefor.Life community.

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Join us in cocreating new personalised services for humans of all ages. We offer access to global networks of families and educational institutions.

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Educatefor.Life is a global cooperative (also known as co-operative, co-op, or coop), which is "an autonomous association of persons united voluntarily to meet their common educational, economic, social, and cultural needs and aspirations through a jointly-owned enterprise".

Our Cooperative is democratically owned by our members, with each member having one vote in electing the board of directors.

We are non-political and simply here to co-create a better, more #Humanized future with everyone who desire this.
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The Story Told by Lars Lin

Introducing radical changes in any system or organization can trigger the "immune defence system". In our case, the Educational system may react to disruptive new solutions and business models -and Educatefor.Life is the playground, where experimentation with disruptive and radically different ideas can happen with substantial support.

You can now watch the personal story of Educatefor.Life in our community platform. Sign up if you are not yet a member.

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Be part of creating more impact together with like-minded new partners from around the world. All we ask from you is as much participation as you are able to offer and a strong interest in creating new paradigms that can complement and hopefully one day substitute/replace the Educational systems.

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Focus Areas

Some of the topics and global challenges our community members have chosen to tackle in Sprints and in long-term development and launch of new initiatives.

AI -Artificial Intelligence in Education, Career Development, Children's Education, Children's Empowerment, Community Building, Competence Discovery, Creating Creators, Curriculum, Digital Transformation, Educational Technology, Entrepreneurial Education, Health Education, Learning Analytics, Next-Gen Schools, Paradigm Shift for Education, STEAM.

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