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Live on: 6.June 2023

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Welcome to our Watch Party

Watch the Livestream of the Book Launch Just Below Here

8am PDT / 11am EDT / 5pm CEST / 8:30pm IST

Keep this page open in your browser while we work on the ExO2.0 Mindmap in the Miro board (find link in your email confirmation)



June 6th  4:30 - 8 PM CEST

Date: 6. June

We Mindmap the Book launch event LIVE  4.30PM - 8PM CEST

Join us as we watch the LIVE booklaunch together while we co-create a mindmap of all the content being presented and discussed by Peter Diamandis and Salim Ismail (and guests) during the book launch event.


As a co-creator, you of course get your own copy of the full Miro board we will be creating.

We are now closed for new registrations for the live mindmapping session. But make sure to enjoy the live book launch on this page, above here!

  • Closed for new registrations. Join us next time!
Introduction to how the Live Mindmapping workshop works:
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While we wait for the live event, you can watch Salim and Peter on the Tom Bilyeu show:

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Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez

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