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What is a Sprint?

Sprint /sprɪnt/ : "a set, time-boxed period during which specific tasks must be completed."

Hero /ˈhɪərəʊ/: "YOU, getting your team to the desired results in the fastest and most impactful ways"​​

Hybrid sprint
 Sprints for hybrid, in-person or online participation mode
Ask us to scope your sprint, based on the business challenges you aim at solving

Sprint objectives frequently requested by organizations embarking on Sprints:

  1. Coaching of Executives
  2. Increasing Executive Awareness of Trends & Tech
  3. Creating a Massive Transformative Purpose
  4. Transforming Mindsets
  5. Design Thinking
  6. Goal Setting
  7. Value Proposition
  8. Business Model Innovation
  9. Coaching Frameworks & Techniques
  10. Pitching - Art & Science
  11. Feedback & Evaluation
  12. Scoping & Planning a Sprint
  13. Rapid Prototyping
  14. Experimentation - Design & Execution
  15. Moonshot Ideation
  16. Researching Trends
  17. Building a Business Case for Exponential Growth
  18. Finance for Startups & Exponential Organizations
  19. Future Scenario Generation
  20. Roadmapping
  21. How to Leverage Exponential Technologies
  22. Corporate Learning & Development for Exponential Transformation
  23. Developing Strategy for Disruptive Innovation
  24. Solving Macro Challenges Through Collaborative Ecosystems
  25. Growing Successful Virtual Communities (of Practice)
  26. Workforce Development (in a Tech World)
  27. Capability Building & Abundance HR
  28. Innovation Accounting vs Operational KPI's (and Objectives & Key Results)
  29. Conflict Resolution & Communication
  30. New Professional Pathways (Professional Development)

What is important for you to accomplish?

Fill in our short survey in the footer of this page, click the logo to get started. We will return in no more than 24 hours with a proposed Sprint process that takes you and your team to the desired outcome!

How recent Sprint teams transformed

The Numbers Speak For Themselves

* using AQme assessments before & after 10 week transformation Sprint in HR organization with 250+ employees. Ask us to learn more.

82% *
Increase in Exploration & Transformation Ability for Sprint Team Members
>5x *
Reduction of employee stress level compared to control group
8x *
Increased Adaptability for Sprint Teams over control group
About Headshot Example 2023 Coach Companion Program Banner
About Headshot Example 2023 Coach Companion Program Banner
Peer Support

Your Coach Companion

Join our tribe of transformation- & innovation agents, who believe in the powers of coaching x abundance x exponential technologies hand-in-hand with a good dose of psychology AND the most experience Sprinthero's as your mentors and trainers. 

Learn more about our Coach Companion Program
About Headshot Example Human Dev in a Tech World
About Headshot Example Human Dev in a Tech World
Sprint Process Design

Create the Process for Your Transformation

We have the experience from over 50 large transformation sprints to help you architect the process for your innovation- or transformation journey. Save time, money and sweat by getting expert help from day one!

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Designing Your Sprint Process


Define the Challenge

Clearly articulate the specific challenge or opportunity you aim to address through the Sprint process. This involves understanding the context, identifying the root cause, and establishing clear objectives. What is the impact you want to make with this process?


Review Sprint Process

Our team of Sprint architects will send you a draft Sprint process design for your review. Schedule a review call, and once you accept the process design, we are ready to move forward.


Assemble Your Team

Form a cross-functional team with diverse expertise, including representatives from various departments, disciplines, and perspectives. This diversity of thought fosters creativity and problem-solving. Invite external partners, clients and users for open collaboration!


Immerse, Discover & Ideate

Deeply understand the problem and its impact by conducting outside-in research of global trends, technologies and disruptive startups in- and around your domain of interest. Continue into ideation, experimentation, rapid protoyping and pitching for disruptive feedback, to radically increase the impact you wish to make. Your specific Sprint process will describe the actual interventions you will experience.



Build the roadmap to implementation and scaling. Leverage our comprehensive tools, templates and coaching to complete your roadmap to transformation!


What others say about the experience


”We're not just here just for the fun or for the ideas, we're here to change the company.”


”It's changing how we think and how we look at innovation. And what I see here is really different from all the innovation that we did up until now, and we did a lot. It will definitely bring and yield some new opportunities.”


”We have been able to internalize all of the exponential attributes and the agility of the  methodology, and we can apply it !”


”The personal discovery about myself and people I work with was a huge takeaway, I've grown a lot in the past 10 weeks.”


”The most changing 10 weeks of my life. I can't wake up and think the same as I used to before.

I learned to let go of regret, I learned to cut an idea and let it go.”


”This is totally transformative. Like drinking from the firehose. I got to meet people across the depth of the culture, this was outstanding.”

Lean On The Experts

Don't tackle difficult challenges on your own. Let the experts guide you. A well-defined process is the key to success.

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