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About Headshot Example Latin Leap Testimonial-2
About Headshot Example Latin Leap Testimonial-2
The ExO Quest

For Latin America to Leapfrog Through Education 

Creating a desirable 20-year vision for society in Latin America 
​-with an implementable roadmap to improve living conditions through a paradigm shift from scarcity to abundance.
Hear Latin Leap VC share their experience from this Sprint
How recent Sprint teams transformed

The Numbers Speak For Themselves

* using AQme assessments before & after 10 week transformation Sprint in HR organization with 250+ employees. Ask us to learn more.

82% *
Increase in Exploration & Transformation Ability for Sprint Team Members
>5x *
Reduction of employee stress level compared to control group
8x *
Increased Adaptability for Sprint Teams over control group
Transforming the Fertilizer & Farming Industry

OCP S.A., Morocco

"As we planned and started the ExO Sprint, OCP wanted to create disruptive initiatives, support local intrapreneurs, develop new ways of working and a more innovative culture.   

We had no idea of the global disruption that would impact our world, our company, our customers and our families.   

While we started with 4 ideas, we grew this to 40 ideas to save small businesses, to help farmers in Morocco as well as <country name left out>. We looked at our Core business and found ways to solve problems for our colleagues and suppliers who need to access our facilities.   

We talked to advisors in blockchain, in robotics, in payment platforms, in autonomy, in agri-tech and more. 

We were challenged and pushed and encouraged by our ExO Coaches.   

We had a North Star - our Massive Transformative Purpose: To meet the world’s population’s food demands. 

We’re solving tough problems. We found new ways of working. We have disruptive ideas. We have a new mindset. Growth! 

We are Sprinthero's !! "

Digital Factory at OCP in Morocco use ExO Sprint methodologies in their work across OCP to solve internal organizational and business challenges but also to adapt to the accelerating change outside of the company. 

Visit this video to learn more about OCP Digital Factory

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About Headshot Example Testimonial snapshot
About Headshot Example Testimonial snapshot
About Headshot Example Sprint Disrupt Workshop
About Headshot Example Sprint Disrupt Workshop
Openexo/ExO Works Sprint

Meet Coteminas

Did you expect the traditional textile industry to be able to transform into high-tech ? Turns out this industry can solve huge challenges for us as humans. Meet Coteminas, Brazil!

Watch Testimonial from Coteminas

TechBBQ Copenhagen 2018

Nordic AI Sprint

"Nordic.AI brings together the brightest minds in artificial intelligence at community events in the Nordic countries throughout the year.

Sprinthero was summoned to design and facilitate a 2-hour Sprint, where stakeholders from relevant government agencies, healthcare institutions and businesses in the health tech industry came together to find ways to enabling more and better quality innovation by opening access to quality healthcare data for use in artificial intelligence applications. 

About Headshot Example Nordic AI Sprint
About Headshot Example Nordic AI Sprint
About Headshot Example Testimonial video thumbnail
About Headshot Example Testimonial video thumbnail
"I learned more in this Sprint than I have the past 2 years..."

Developing the Future of Universities in the Educatefor.life Sprint:

Meet Lillyana Uribe from Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana (UPB) who sponsored and participated in the 2019 Educatefor.Life Sprint to design the Future of Education for UPB.

Watch Testimonial from the UPB Sprint Team

What others say about the experience


”We're not just here just for the fun or for the ideas, we're here to change the company.”


”It's changing how we think and how we look at innovation. And what I see here is really different from all the innovation that we did up until now, and we did a lot. It will definitely bring and yield some new opportunities.”


”We have been able to internalize all of the exponential attributes and the agility of the  methodology, and we can apply it !”


”The personal discovery about myself and people I work with was a huge takeaway, I've grown a lot in the past 10 weeks.”


”The most changing 10 weeks of my life. I can't wake up and think the same as I used to before.

I learned to let go of regret, I learned to cut an idea and let it go.”


”This is totally transformative. Like drinking from the firehose. I got to meet people across the depth of the culture, this was outstanding.”


"Great webinar for creating a personal MTP.

A new and terrific framework to find our uniqueness inside, which is usually very challenging to do, even when it is yourself. Thank you Lars!!!"

Jesus Eduardo Esponoza
Personal MTP Workshop
teal_man_background_jobbies Testimonial Jesus Eduardo Espinoza

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