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We blend proven methods to set direction for a purposeful life, with advanced technology and human-centric mentoring & coaching

"Interactive workshops focusing on the vital life skills you choose to strenghten, like critical thinking, communication, and emotional intelligence."

Skill Development Activities
Tailored to your pathway
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"Hands-on experiences with emerging technologies, enhancing learning and career opportunities. The intro to tech you will not get in school."

Tech Exploration
Experts from 120+ countries
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"Access to mentors, industry professionals, and customized education paths tailored to individual goals."

Mentorship and Networking
Never learn alone again
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It is our job to offer you an

empowering environment

for the entire time you work on your new personal- and professional pathways.

Pathways is more than an educational initiative and not only an after-school activity

Shape Your Path with Pathways

You become part of a global community and movement that cares, and focuses on supporting Your personalized learning and self-discovery.

Join us to forge your unique path in life!

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Pathway Programs

Choose your current ambition level below and get started today. You can always adjust your ambitions and membership program later:

Solo Skill

5 Weeks

Select any one skill from our skills menu


  • Choice of one human skill you want to develop
  • Guided self-assessment to evaluate your current level of the chosen skill
  • Creation of a personalized roadmap outlining the steps for skill development
  • Resources and activities to start making initial progress in the chosen skill
  • Access to e-learning content relevant to the skill.
  • Join a peer group (4-6 persons) who all focus on the same skill

Skill Set+

3 Months

Use code: TOMi when booking your participation for 50% off the shown price (applied at time of purchase)


  • Everything in the Solo Skill Program +
  • Develop 5 skills of your choice
  • 2 hour online skill development workshop
  • Extended access to advanced e-learning materials and exercises to support your intense self-development
  • Personal coaching sessions for tailored guidance and feedback.
  • Progress tracking and milestone assessments
  • Invite to join peer groups for each of the chosen skills (optional)


12 Calendar Months

Includes everything from Skill Set+ & all our 57 skills


  • Includes everything from Skill Set+
  • Unlimited skill development
  • Continuous access to all updated and new e-learning content
  • Monthly check-in sessions for sustained progress and accountability.
  • A supportive community of ambitious Full-Year members for networking and transformative personal and professional growth
  • Exclusive workshops and webinars
You are always exactly the right age to

Start creating your next new pathway in life!

high demand pathways in the jobmarket

Some Pathways others have started...

Combine your interests with growing demands in the job markets. There is no need to wait until you completed a certain education; actually it's better to explore new pathways as your first step before choosing education or career paths. Create your unique pathway with the roadmap you receive from our Pathways program. Here are some examples of paths others before you decided to pursue. Just for inspiration: 

What are the 60 human skills?

All this talk about 60 important human skills, let's explore them here:

Explore the 60 human skills we offer you