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Welcome to our Workgroup-Based Training for Coaches who wish to specialize in Transformation and Abundance Mindset!

Are you a coach passionate about helping individuals and organizations break through limitations, unlock their full potential, and cultivate abundance mindsets?

If so, you're in the right place. Our weekly Workgroup-Based Training is designed to empower you with the knowledge, skills, toolkits, exercise templates and online support needed to create profound and lasting transformations in the lives of your clients, or in your own organization.

Ready to join us?

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Let me introduce the Coach Companion Workgroups

+ the first 12 of the many included toolboxes. 

Apply your new coaching skills, tools and exercises in your own organization or with clients from day 1 !

What you can also expect...


A Holistic Approach

We recognize that true transformation encompasses various facets of life – personal, professional, and emotional. Our program equips you to address these diverse needs effectively.


Abundance Mindset Mastery

You'll delve deep into abundance mindset coaching, understanding how to help your clients shift from scarcity to abundance in all areas of their lives.


Expert Faculty

Learn from experienced coaches and experts who have successfully guided clients toward transformative change. Benefit from their insights and real-world results.


Peer Learning

Join a dynamic community of fellow coaches, each bringing their unique strengths and perspectives to the table. Collaborative learning fosters creativity and innovation.


Practical Techniques

Gain a toolkit of proven coaching techniques, exercises, and strategies that you can immediately apply to your coaching practice.


Ongoing Support

Our commitment to your success doesn't end with the program. You'll have access to a supportive network of coaches and resources as you continue your coaching journey.

But don't just take our word for the value...

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"I like the opportunity to interact with the participants of The Coach Companion training program.  The weekly thought provoking discussions provided me with the opportunity to learn from others and to share ideas with others.  Lars shared with us a lot of real world coaching challenges from the exponential world and approaches to overcoming coaching challenges."

Carol Wong
Founder & CEO, innothink Advisory, Malaysia
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The program has helped me be aware of those areas that I must improve, and am grateful for it. All experience and knowledge shared is extremely valued.

Fernando De los Rios
Eureka Latam, Peru
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I like the open approach that mixes program participants and where I get to interact with more coaches. I liked all the sessions I attended. Lars as a coach is an honor for the coachees.

Danny van Soelen
IT Academy WF, Netherlands
background design elements Danny van Soelen

Really enjoying the open discussions, collaborative conversations and flexible agenda Lars ! Extremely Satisfied. I’m still reviewing the materials and learning we add to the toolbox every week.

Ed Leong
Consultant, Digital Transformation, Australia
teal_man_background_jobbies Ed Leong

The Steps to Join

Step 1: Schedule an intro call

It does not hurt to ask your questions and get reassured about the value you can expect to gain from becoming a member of the Coach Companion. Pick a time for your 1-on-1 intro here

Step 2: Register

Apply and complete your payment. You can always trigger the 100% money back guarantee in the first 60 days.

Register for your membership here

Step 3: Onboarding

Start joining our weekly live Sprinthero Coach Companion workgroup sessions. You will meet members all the way from Sydney to Lima and LA. There is always a session that can work for your time zone.

See our work session schedule below.

Live Workgroup Schedule

Live Workgroup Sessions

Meet every Thursday (all-hands)

Weekly Schedule

Every week offers a new agenda planned in advance by the work group. You find current agenda topics further down on this page.

11am PT / 2-4 pm ET / 8-10 pm CET / (Friday) 6am Sydney


Our weekly agenda will generally look like this (but may vary if we have a client joining us or decide to jump to hot/urgent topics last minute): Check-in, Review of current business/project opportunities, Skill/topic of the week, Coach toolbox Breakout session, Short break, Work session -topic/focus related to projects/skills of focus this week, All-hands report out, Debrief and closing
Hosted by Lars Lin
Facilitator, Lead Trainer & Head Coach
We are always open to set up new work groups, possibly around specialty areas and topics.
Get in touch for topics, workgroups and programs tailored to your needs.

Start your membership today

The first 60 days are your trial period.

Come explore how learning & practicing professional skills and insights are so much more effective when done in small, focused work groups.

Monthly Membership

Ideal for coaches interested in continuously growing their coach- & transformation toolbox, together with like-minded coaches from around the world.

per month, can be paused or ended anytime


  • Weekly live workgroup sessions (you will belong to one primary workgroup, but can join all live sessions, also with other workgroups)
  • Sprinthero Coach Companion Toolbox (Miro board that continuously evolves with additional tools)
  • Video hub with recorded, supporting video content for you as a coach.
  • Coach profile in the public facing Sprinthero Coach Gallery (from which we also recruit for our own transformation projects).
  • Whatsapp group for your workgroup(s)
  • Full money back guarantee. Your first 60 days are your trial, and you can leave any time if you wish.
Notes regarding all payment transactions:
  • We offer 100% money back guarantee in the first 60 days of your membership. You will need no reason and no questions asked (except we will of course love to learn how we did not meet your expectations).
  • Our website(s) use only fully encrypted web traffic. 
  • Your payment card details are never received nor stored by us.
  • Payments, both one-time transactions and recurring subscription fees are processed via our partner Stripe, to keep the process simple and safe for you and for us. 
  • Some of our services can also be paid through other payment processors, such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, Paypal or Alipay. Look for alternative options at the point of purchase.
  • Our default payment currency is USD. However we can also offer transactionss in Euro, GBP, HKD and CNY. Inquire for other currencies.
  • You are welcome to request a quote if you prefer to pay in other currency than USD or by bank transfer. 
  • Invoices can always be found, paid, downloaded or printed from our Stripe billing portal, which is found here.
  • Memberships can be paused or cancelled in the same billing portal, at any point in time, should you wish to do that.
  • We never ask you to send payment card details or other sensitive info by email. Only use the provided shopping card and billing portal for your submission of sensitive information related to the services and payments.
  • You are invited to review also our Privacy & Cookies Policy.
Innovation in Abundance Innovation in Abundance

Have a look at our model for Abundance Mindsets

You will also sharpen your professional insights on these important


Join us in our co-creation, training and co-delivery to clients as part of our work groups

GROW model
The simple yet very effective model for professional coaching, anyone can apply in very short time. 
Zone to Win

There are reasons why many organizations fail at innovation. Zone to Win is a very important framework to help your team understand how different categories of innovation must be managed differently. We will introduce you to this framework.

ExO Sprint Structure
Learn about Exponential Organizations, how they thrive when others struggle, and how you can transform a traditional organization into a purpose-driven, scaleable organization fit for the age of AI. Part of the answer is the ExO Sprint!
Adaptability is consistently ranking as a Top3 skill globally. Darwin said it too. The most adaptable are the ones who survive. We can now measure adaptability of individuals and teams. Learn how and take the AQ self-assessment (and apply it in your organization too)
In this age of AI, you should invest massively in yourself, your colleagues, your family, and every other human around you. Make sure this investment focuses on human skills and abilities. We give you the most important 60 of them right here as part of our Coach Companion program.

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