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From Malthus To Mars



"From Malthus to Mars" is a book by Nicolai Chen Nielsen and Lars Tvede that delivers insights in the driving forces behind the accelerating pace of change in our world, to help us find our own ways as individuals or organizations to thrive and contribute in a future that is better than the past, but from time to time also very overwhelming.

At individual level, we get introduced to The eight Future Fit mindsets that reinforce each other and connects us to abundance. They give us hacks for self-motivation, learning, and adapting -in a never ending cycle.

At organizational level, we get to discuss ten key shifts that every organization should consider as they are common for the best performing businesses and organizations in modern, dynamic environments.

What is your way of dealing with the changes around you and how are you changing with it? What questions will you ask Nicolai Chen Nielsen when you get the chance in our live session with him?


Part 1 -Into The Blur At Rocket Speed


  • The End of Monotony
  • How We Escaped the Malthusian Trap
  • The Banana and the Five Cs of Innovation
  • Innovation Accelerators
  • Exponential Trends for the Future
  • The Road toward Abundance
  • Hey, We Can Code Life Now!
  • Awakening the World with IT
  • From Boomers to Zoomers
  • The Visible Hand of the Micro-Market
  • The Fast, Fluid, and Flexible Future of Work
  • Twenty-Five Vectors for the Future

Part 2 -Mindsets For Future Fitness


  • Dealing with Durkheim
  • Navigate the World -Nimbly
  • Thinking Clearly in the Blur
  • Learning How to Learn
  • Think Bigger
  • Connecting the Dots Forward
  • 37x Better in a Year
  • Rubber Ball, Not Glass

Part 3 -Ten Shifts For Future Fit Organizations


  • Why Ten Shifts?
  • Taking a Stand on Values
  • Setting Direction Rather than Destination
  • Delivering On-Tap Experiences for a Market of One
  • Fast, Fluid, and Flexible!
  • Management, at the Speed and Richness of Life
  • Become a Technology Company
  • No Time to Die
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This session took place 13.April 2023

Recording Available

Live Session With Nicolai Chen Nielsen

Join us on your favourite social channel and ask your questions live from the chat.

Educatefor.Life Pro members are invited to the after-stream backstage discussion of the book.



Order your copy from Amazon (Kindle, Paperback) here to come prepared for our live Bookshelf session.


About the Authors:

LARS TVEDE (B. 1957) is an investor, award-winning serial entrepreneur, and futurist. He has founded/cofounded thirteen companies, including the top-performing venture fund Nordic Eye and the forecasting company Supertrends AG, which uses AI and crowdsourcing to outline and visualize innovation and supertrends. He is the winner of numerous awards, including Red Herring Global 100 Award, IMD Top Swiss Start-up Award, Bully Award, and Adam Smith Award. Lars is the author of eighteen other books, including The Psychology of Finance, The Creative Society, Entrepreneur, and Supertrends.

NICOLAI CHEN NIELSEN (B. 1987) is an entrepreneur, educator, and adviser on the topics of leadership development, personal growth, and organizations of the future. He is a partner at Supertrends AG and previously an associate partner at McKinsey & Company, where he was responsible for McKinseyโ€™s latest research on leadership at scale. He has designed and delivered development programs that have reached more than one million employees globally. Nicolai has coauthored the books Leadership at Scale and Return on Ambition, the latter which was shortlisted by GetAbstract as one of the five best books among 10,000 books in 2021 and won the gold medal in the American Benjamin Franklin Book Award in 2022.




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