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WeWork, Hong Kong

The last in-person Masterclass we enjoyed before switching to all-virtual. Hope to see you in person again soon.

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Personal MTP: Empowering people to learn for the future

Omer Fathy, Cairo

"Hi, Lars
I want to thank you personally for Design Your Personal MTP Course
It's unbelievably amazing
I say this because during the past five years I have always made for myself a clear vision of my goals in this world and I have been reformulating them every period to suit my new ideas and I never knew what MTP is or what the exponential organizations are

When I was sharing it with someone in my community telling me you are completely crazy, you cannot change the world, be realistic
And when he found this course, I felt joy and gratitude for people like you
My message is thanks and gratitude for what I learned from you, and I will support everyone who has a message in this lifeW

Personal MTP: A World of Healthy Human Beings

Polly, Hong Kong

"Thank you Lars for arranging such a purposeful program, appreciated."

MTP: The Global Transformation of Business

ExO Works

Thanks for breaking down the MTP basics Lars! Fantastic explanation as always.

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