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Workshop Description

Welcome to a purposeful life, being connected to the world around you.
The Personal Massive Transformative Purpose (MTP) and everything else you can explore in this course is as relevant to a recent college graduate as they are to a senior executive looking for a new challenge.
Adults, just starting your journey or already with multiple careers under your belt. typically you are a least some years after your graduation from the education system -but this is for anyone really. There is a version of this course for children as well.
Where do you start from on this journey to create your Personal MTP? 
  • You start right here! I am offering a short-form online creative workshop and you can start right below here when you have approx. 90 minutes of relatively uninterrupted time.

    If you wish to dive much deeper in your own purpose, then I recommend the Pathways membership program here in Educatefor.Life, that includes mentoring, and where we go much deeper and broader in how you can evolve your Personal Massive Transformative Purpose and how you can apply it in your your work or business , in your relationship, in general how you bring your Personal MTP into your Inner World as well as to connect your inner world to the craziness of the outer world. You get support on taking action in your life to make the impact you desire to make in the world

    1. On a daily basis, this also means
      • Better mental wellbeing
      • Making new connections
      • Making better career decisions
      • Identify patterns in your life
      • And you get to identify The abundance of resources around you, that can help you build YOU


  • If this sounds like something for you, you will be invited to continue on a program with me and your fellow purpose creators for as long as you wish to be part of the program. But your free Masterclass where you create your first Personal MTP is ready to begin!

  • Check Icon Image No prior course or educational prerequisites needed.  Come as you are.
  • Check Icon Image The masterclass is in English. Ask for a version in your language and we will do our best to offer it to you.
  • Check Icon Image This workshop is ready to begin when you are!



Topics for This Workshop

The workshop takes approx 80-90 minutes to complete. You can start anytime.


  • Introduction
  • Course Overview
  • Introduction to the Massive Transformative Purpose
  • Finding your "North star"
  • Your Inner World & The Outer World
  • Exercise: Creating Your First Personal MTP
  • Taking Action on your Personal MTP (join the Pathways program to unlock the full MTP implementation program in your life)

  • Taking Action:

    1. Short term: 6-12 months
    2. Long term: 5-10 years

  • Daily, practical ways of leveraging your Personal MTP in your life
      1. Better mental wellbeing
      2. Making new connections
      3. Making better career decisions
      4. Identify patterns in your life
      5. The abundance of resources around you, that can help you build YOU
  • Your body of work
  • Identify new skillsets and competencies you wish to build
  • Architect your future
  • Creating community around your Personal Massive Transformative Purpose
  • Your Professional Decline comes (much) faster than you think (and what to do about it)

What Our Students Have To Say

Section Shape Image

Thank you for sharing your experiences with your Personal MTP.

Jesus Eduardo Espinoza

Great webinar for creating a personal MTP.

A new and terrific framework to find our uniqueness inside, which is usually very challenging to do, even when it is yourself.

Thank you Lars!!!

Jesus Eduardo Espinoza