• A Virtual Community-of-Practice That Designs New Paradigms for Us To Live In.

    Experience what living in a humanised, personalised, supporting paradigm feels like.

    For every human, any age!

Community with a strong sense of belonging

"When a community is just 
like an awesome tribe"

Community members who choose to spend some of their spare time, often into the late hours, on rethinking who we always thought about education, learning, teaching and much more, are obviously driven by the idea, that there ARE other ways to get to live the life you desire -without having to go through a fixed curriculum for 10-12 years, then perhaps complete a higher-ed program, then get on-the-job-experience and THEN find your personal sweet spot that combines your interests and talents with the opportunity to earn a living.

The community teams celebrate also it's small victories and since only few of us ever met in-person, all of this has been happening entirely online since 2018. When Covid closed down the world, obviously everything moved online. Our teams continued their innovation work even when facing the personal challenges of lock-downs and the disruptions of our lives that came with that.

Our signature EducateforLife Sprint brings together hundreds of visionary parents, educators, technologists and most importantly, the youngest generations in a collaborate effort to design our own future. Here a few stats from the 2020 Sprint.

Our Story


Founded in 2018

Personal frustrations with the school experience his own kids had, lead Lars Lin from Denmark to take on the challenge of creating the personalized support in life-long learning that would keep his own kids motivated to keep exploring and accomplishing what they themselves wanted -rather than what the Education system and it's 45 minute lesson "tyranny" in smelly class room dictated.

Immediately, many colleagues, personal friends and business contacts joined around the same challenges they all face, regardless of geography and cultural background. A community was born.



There is always a story behind strong achievers who are willing to keep working to change how "we have always done things". Here is a few of us...

Ervin Ukaj

From handwriting analysis algorithms in banking to helping kids with learning disabilities

Charlotte Wieder

Virtual innovation community expert and passionate about empowering purposeful and talented people to imagine and build an exciting future for all 

Kim Arazi

Creative Futurist and Dream Coach who focuses on the fusion of senses and accelerating technologies

This is our Collective Intelligence Network. Make it yours too!

Wait, there are many more hundreds of awesome community members you should meet too. Once you are signed in to our community app, you can meet them all through this link


A few important attributes of Educatefor.Life

Peer-Reviews Rather Than Professor Grading

Peers are invested in the same process you are going through, so they are most willing to take risk on an idea, give it a chance. You are not being compared with others, you are on a unique journey.


Crowds are not always super intelligent the way we all hope for. But in a global and diverse community, focused on building a much better future, you get to select the crowd that can boost your ideation or your implementation - and you get so many powerful perspectives you never thought possible. 

Everyone Can Be Your Teacher

The person who helps you break down a challenging problem or an important subject, may not necessarily be based in your own school district. We felt it was time to quit the paradigm of school districts. And while we are at it, we prefer "Guide-on-the-Side" rather than "Sage-on-the-Stage". How about you?

From Location to Environment

Class rooms may work for you. When that's what you need, go ahead and book one. But often, you may find a more suitable environment for the activity you have chosen to focus on. A world of better environments.

We find them everywhere, and will invite you to come discover the powers you have in an inspiring, supporting environment. Just like we want it to be for our children.



Future of Education ExO Quest 2022

Sponsored by Latin Leap VC, designed and facilitated by Educatefor.Life and Sprinthero on behalf of Openexo.com.