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Awake Workshop Awake Workshop
Awake Workshop Awake Workshop

Discovery Experience

Realities are changing, let's face it! Once in a while, we all need to refresh our "radar screen" so we can better identify all the new factors that influence your company decision making. That is what our Awake workshops are there for. Bring your team through this interactive workshop, that also serves as the kickoff workshop in our Transformation Sprint for businesses.

Awake Workshops for All Industries

Future-Ready Business Pathways

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Awareness & Exploration

Awakening Workshops: Introduction to rapid changes in the world, emerging trends, and their impact on businesses and markets.

Trend Analysis Sessions: In-depth analysis of industry-specific trends and their potential future impact.

Visioning Workshops: Collaborative sessions to analyze future scenarios and develop strategic foresight.


Research & Insights

Market Research: Comprehensive research to understand current market conditions, customer behaviors, and competitor analysis. Future Roadmapping: Customized roadmapping for your organization, that builds on emerging trends, technological advancements, and market opportunities, as well as your purposeful direction. Customer Insights: Deep dive into future customer needs, preferences, and pain points to inform future strategies.


Ideation & Innovation

Innovation Workshops: Facilitated sessions to brainstorm and generate new ideas and business concepts. Moonshot- & abundance thinking is applied to see far, and around corners.

Design Thinking Sessions: Applying design thinking methodologies to solve complex problems and innovate solutions.

Idea Validation: Evaluating the feasibility and potential impact of new ideas through qualitative and quantitative analysis. Use AI to accelerate the validation work.


Prototyping & Experimentation

Prototyping Development: Creating rapid prototypes to visualize and iterate on new ideas.

Experimentation Labs: Controlled sandboxing  environments to test and experiment with new concepts and technologies.

Pilot Programs: Small-scale implementation of new solutions to gather data and refine ideas


MVP Development

Minimum Viable Product Strategy Planning: Defining & prioritizing the most significant core features and functionalities for an MVP to test market viability.

MVP Build & Launch: Developing and launching MVPs to gather user feedback and validate business hypotheses. Using state-of-the-art AI- & Software developmennt tools, we build very fast.

User Testing & Feedback Collection: Conducting user testing sessions and collecting feedback to iterate on the MVP.


Organizational Transformation

Digital Transformation: Leveraging digital technologies to transform business processes and models. Leverage coaching for reconditioning and reskilling of the team(s). Digital is about technology; Transformation is about the humans.

Organizational Change Management: Guiding & Coaching organizations through the change process to ensure successful adoption.

Cultural Transformation: Shifting organizational culture to embrace innovation and future-oriented thinking. Even newly born organizations such as Startups benefit from having a roadmap in place for their own ongoing transformation.


Scaling, the Zoom-Out Roadmapping

Scale-up Planning: Developing strategies for scaling successful innovations and MVPs.

Roadmap Creation: Crafting detailed roadmaps for long-term growth and impact.

Implementation Support: Providing support and guidance during the scaling process to ensure successful implementation.


Custom Solutions & Support

Bespoke Solutions Development: Tailored approaches to meet specific organizational needs and challenges.

Ongoing Advisory & Coaching: Continuous consultancy support to help organizations navigate future challenges and opportunities.

Coaching, Training & Development Programs: Custom training to build internal capabilities and foster a culture of innovation. Join for example the Sprinthero Coach Companion program to develop Coaching skills in your team.

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