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EfL Sprint Process

Introduction To The Sprint

Learn about the background and context for this Sprint in this recorded live stream event, or read the introduction below.
Sprint Assignments

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Sprint Assignments

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0. Preparation Phase & Introduction to the Sprint

Watch this introduction live stream here or read the introduction right below here:

Hey, it's Lars Lin from EducateforLife here. I am very happy to see you here!

Back in 2018, I felt a massive and supporting boost from my personal and professional network for taking action on what I and many around me were discussion a lot: Our schools and education system is not what we hope and want education to be here in the age of Artificial Intelligence. But we are not the ones to just talk and complain, we take action, and most of us are also professional change agents, so we formed the global and virtual EducateforLife community to design, test and implement what we find to be desirable futures for Education.

Now It's that time of year again when we prepare to bring together our community AND YOU if you are interested -for our annual signature online Sprint. WELCOME!

Our Sprint is a process where we explore the new realities of our world, the disruptive trends and technologies that define our lives, that changes the game for our kids and their experience in the classroom, that changes everything for the teachers who are working hard to deliver impactful and engaging learning experiences, and we explore the new waves of change for those of us who have been out there “in the market” for many years by now.

For us, the rapid changes caused a few years ago by Covid19 and now a non-reversing AI revolution, we can choose to either feel disrupted, feel lost and anxious, or we can choose to open our eyes and minds for the fantastic new opportunities the changes in our world offers when it comes to new pathways for you personally or professionally, or a new business or perhaps you feel inspired to design and launch new life-long educational services?

The cool thing is YOU get to make these decisions and the EducateforLife community is here to empower and support you each step of the way, whether you want to transform yourself, your way of making a living, or how your school or institution deliver education. You may be an Edtech that wants to help learners anywhere in the world in their personalized learning journey.

We are here for you -and I am here today to invite you to the 2023 AND 2024 EducateforLife Sprint, that helps you see the unseen, helps you do what is yet undone -and helps you unlearn the scarcity in your life and connecting to the abundance our world has to offer.

I have the process for you, and the steps you can follow from where you are today to where you want to get to, all facilitated right here on Youtube (or whatever your favourite channel is).

Before we get into what the Sprint process can do for you, let me share a few words about the world around us that is changing the needs fundamentally for how we need to upskill and reskill ourselves, including our mindset, to be able to thrive and contribute in ways that are meaningful to each of us. Don’t be the frustrated, lost soul that stands back on the platform when others are on the high-speed technology train. You can be on that train, and you can be on that train ENTIRELY FOR FREE. All you need is an internet connection and be meeting with me right here where you see me in this moment. And the TRAIN IS leaving!

If the current pace of change in our world continues, and we believe it will only continue to accelerate, we will need a dynamic education and learning agenda that is responsive to technological advancements and fits the demands of a changing economic landscape and workforce needs on-demand when each human needs it.

To quote @UNESCO: “ Education needs to change fundamentally to meet global development goals “.

Our workforce does not reflect society, our needs nor the abilities we need to create and maintain a sustainable world — it probably never did, but the gap is widening at a faster pace than ever and our education systems that we all expect shall carry this responsibility are not able to keep up.

Many adults and kids of all ages are feeling lost in mass-educational structures designed decades ago for the Industrial Age. The rapidly shortening half-life of acquired skills and the growing need for personalized education are just some of the global challenges the world of Education is facing, not to forget the confusion educational institutions are facing right now on how to best respond to the disruptive forces that Artificial Intelligence is bringing into the lives of every student and educator right now.

Our world needs to develop creators rather than consumers from a very young age, as the future of humanity depends on adaptability, positive impact, creative thinking and problem-solving skills more than ever before. Robotics and artificial intelligence will continue to replace humans in the most repetitive and dangerous tasks. But with the task at hand to redesign our world for sustainability and better living environments, there are millions of jobs to be done, now and in the future! We are here also to cocreate those jobs with you, both your own and certainly for others too.

Human Development in a Tech World is more important than ever before. More of us will need to create our own jobs and income and depend less on long-term careers. This requires a change of mindset for many to thrive rather than survive. So our focus is on learning to be a human in a tech world.

We are a global and virtual community of practice, that is here to facilitate the design and implementation of new paradigms that can replace the now obsolete ways we have been educating ourselves.

Everyone with an interest in creating new ways of empowering individual humans and enabling personalized Education and Learning of any type to anyone, anywhere is invited to participate.

YOU are invited too, and bring your friends, fellow students, your family and colleagues.

The EducateforLife Sprint is Your opportunity to rapidly discover and explore what the exponential technologies and macro trends can do for you, and for us. We start this Discovery phase on Nov 6th and continue our collaborative exploration of technologies and trends all the way until we start the Ideation phase in January 2024.


1. Discover Phase

Discover and explore the new realities around us. 

2. Ideate Phase

Now it's time for you to get creative, bold and audacious. We know of no limits. Design the future just the way you desire it to be.

3. Experiment Phase

Time to get out of the building, testing your ideas in the real world.

4. Pitch Phase

Get ready to impress the world with the new purposeful impact you are planning to make. This is where you win hearts -and perhaps secure funding.

Pitch Day

This is the milestone event, where the community comes together to celebrate, discuss and decide on the next steps and the future of each presented initiative.