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We design and deploy new paradigms that we want to see replacing 'Education', including the systems and processes that served our planet well for 150+ years. From here on, we need something very different -and that is what we are building. Joining us? 

You can learn more about -and register to participate in our 12-week EducateforLife Open Innovation Sprint below.

The EducateforLife Sprint is a slightly extended and customized version of the ExO Transformation Sprint and is adapted to serve as an Open Innovation Community Initiative, where autonomous Sprint teams share their research with each other, provide feedback and input to each other and co-create as well as potentially co-found new products, services, businesses or other types of initiatives. 
You can (strongly recommended) have a Certified ExO Coach assigned to your team to help challenge your thinking and hold you accountable through the Sprint process.

Together we are stronger! 

New to the ExO Sprint process? 

Jump over here for a separate introduction to the OpenExO methodologies we use in this sprint, which is powered by Sprinthero.com.

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How the Educatefor.Life Sprint Works

The process and key activities of the Sprint is described below. Until the AWAKE Phase begins, we are in Preparation Phase. You can join this by hitting the green button any time.

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Discover what is now possible and what will become possible. How has the world changed since you last checked?


Ideate in teams, experiment and rapidly test hypothesis and ideas for new paradigms and ways of "educating for life". Pitch for disruptive feedback.


Building first early prototypes of the iterated ideas pitched in the Idea Phase. Experimentation with real end users for feedback and validation.


Prepare your launch plan, incl. roadmap, resource plan, budgets and finalize your presentation. Pitch to investors and potential future team members for support and funding. Win acceleration program with Educatefor.Life