Creating a Desirable 20 Year Vision for Society


We are here to create the path to leapfrog how we current live. We want to leapfrog Education. What can we put in place instead of expensive and rather ineffective Educational systems and institutions, that will level the playing field for all human beings, give everyone equal and affordable access to grow, learn and accomplish?

Be part of designing the vision and the roadmaps to get us there!

The Sprint started the week of October 19th, 2021 and it's completed by now. We hope you wish to join next time.

The EducateforLife Sprint comes now in multiple different versions with the most commonly used process being a slightly extended and customized version of the ExO Transformation Sprint. The Sprint is adapted to serve as an Open Innovation Community Initiative, where autonomous Sprint teams share their research with each other, provide feedback and input to each other and co-create as well as potentially co-found new products, services, businesses or other types of initiatives. 
This time, we are on a Quest (other name for a Sprint, because the process is different this time). Learn more below.

​You can have a Certified ExO Coach assigned to your team to help challenge your thinking and hold you accountable through the Sprint process, which is strongly recommended.
​Together we are stronger! 

This time, we collaborate on a Quest

We normally call our process as Sprint. It still is, but given our partners call this co-created process a Quest, that's what we call it this time. The mission is still critical for our future regardless of what we call it!!