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Discovery Phase Starts

November 6

Join our Discover Phase Now. The Ideate Phase Starts in:

The Sprint Process

EfL Sprint Process

Sprint Timeline

Important milestone dates to mark:

Planning & Onboarding Phase

You can enrol and join anytime until Jan 8th -2024.

But the earlier you register, the earlier you get access to our joint activities in the Discover & Explore Phase that starts Nov 6th. See you shortly!

Did you watch this live Sprint introduction event yet?

Discovery Phase Briefing - Nov 6.

Live briefing -but you can watch the Briefings Podcast when time (& your time zone) allows.

We conduct collaborative research and exploration of the powerful trends and technologies that are expected to disrupt education as we know it -over the next few years. Join us and get a complete Miro board with all discoveries as a Sprint participant.

Ideate Phase Briefing - Jan 8. 2024

Engage with your Sprint team in moonshot ideation exercises, facilitated live (or follow the pre-recorded coach guidance).

Experiment Phase Briefing - Jan 22. 2024

Rapid prototyping and real-world experimentation. Leverage the powers of AI and your own resourcefulness as a team.

Pitch Phase Briefing - Feb 5. 2024

Prepare to pitch to the stakeholders who can make your new "future-of-education" initiatives reality.

Pitch Event - Feb 21. 2024

This is the big day. Pitch live or submit a pre-recorded pitch. 
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Work In Your Own Timezone

Assignments Podcast

Watch New Sprint Assignments Every Monday With Your Team

Choose Participation Mode

Track 1: Self-Guided Explorers

Self-driven sprint track ideal for community members coming together around a shared purpose or vision.



  • Matching Your Profile With a Great Sprint Team
  • Community Interactions
  • Collaborative Discover (Research) Phase
  • Follow the Live (& Recorded) Sprint Assignment Podcast for Step-by-step Guidance of Your Sprint Team
  • Community Miro Board

Track 2: Ambitious Achievers

Designed for ambitious teams such as startups, with ambition and desire to maximize their experience and impact.

per team member


  • Everything in Track 1 +
  • Biweekly Team Coaching of up to 60 mins by Certified Sprinthero Coach starting Jan 8th, until and including the Pitch Event
  • Complete toolbox for Sprint teams, incl. video library and Notion templates for all Sprint activities (you get to keep it all)
  • Private Team Miro Board in addition to the Community Miro Board
  • Qualifying onboarding call before your participation is confirmed. Payment will not process until you have confirmed your participation after the onboarding call. Start by registering your interest (non-binding) right below here.

Track 3: Institutional Visionaries

Expansive and collaborative experience for established organizations such as educational institutions or larger businesses. Perfect for organizations looking to transform or create future-ready services or programs.

per organization


  • Everything in Track 2 +
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Certified Coach Team
  • Up to 5 Sprint Teams in this Sprint
Videos to Guide You

Videos to Guide You

Seek inspiration and help in the comprehensive video library. Team exercises, tutorials and technical support content is waiting for the moment

EfL Sprint Process

Proven Process

We have been refining our Sprint processes and adding incredible tools to the Sprint since 2018 in the context of innovating Education. For use in other industries and sectors, we have been transforming organizations and cities since 2015.

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