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We're conducting research to better understand self-actualization in modern professional practice.
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Educatefor.Life 2023 Sprint

Design a Modern Human Resources Function in a Tech World

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The Future of Work is already here, but what does it look like? What challenges and opportunities does this represent for human beings and what is required from a mindset and education perspective? We explore this and more trends+technologies that are transforming the world we need to operate and thrive within. Join this interactive session.


Alignment Workshop

Join us as we practice modern, autonomous, hybrid collaboration models, transformative methodologies for designing and experimenting with new innovation, exponential technologies and abundance mindset. We see the first batches of ideas for the Future of Human Resources (HR services for organizations of any type) begin to take some form and shape. But this workshop is first and foremost about practising to work as Exponential Organizations througout the Sprint.


The Sprint Begins

We go through an online, co-creating Sprint together in 10 weeks, which ends in a pitch event, where you can secure stakeholder buy-in, resources and potentially this can be your chance to win seed funding to get you started. Are you up for the challenge?

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